Welcome to Kalybre!

Today’s an exciting day at the Kalybre office. No, scratch that. On a scale ranging from “Hey, there’s a sale at Pierre Cardin” (not that exciting) to “Rain in Dubai” (work across the country stops, hectic social media pictures, we hear sirens approaching), it’s about a “Snow in Dubai” kind of excitement.

After many months of planning, brainstorming, trips to our factories and epic team work, we are ready to present you Kalybre Boutique!

So what is it that’s so different from Kalybre than any other ecommerce shop, you ask? First of all, we specialize on men’s fashion & accessories. Our very first collection, in collaboration with the established brand Deep Wear in Morocco, features quality polo shirts with exclusive details. Our designers review and customize the collections to fit what our customers like.

Secondly, for us, it’s all about quality. Between our own designs, and future collaborations with brands our customers love, we want to give our users a nice shopping experience online.

So there you have it. Your (hopefully) future bookmark-and-share-worthy lunch time browse, that will give you company while devouring your coffee or shish taouk.


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