Twisted Bracelets

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As with any other piece of jewelry, twisted bracelets can be worn stylishly by men as well. In terms of accents and options, they do not have to be a necessity, but they can instantly place the right accent when used properly. Wearing a twisted bracelet gives the impression that you care about how you look and you take your appearance seriously. The thing about wearing a suit and tie is that it is more than just something you are required to wear, it is something that you want to wear.

It is recommended that a twisted bracelet should be worn casually on the wrist at a length that is approximately 1-2 cm longer than the circumference of the wrist when worn casually. There should be enough room to slide bracelets down the forearm without them fitting too loosely around the wrist when they are slid down.

Interesting enough, the side of a man’s twisted bracelet does not have any special significance based on which side he wears it on. In ancient times, certain parts of the body were covered with jewelry that was used as a secret code to communicate. In today’s world, when it comes to wearing twisted bracelets, there is no right arm when it comes to doing so. People who are right-handed should wear their twisted bracelets on their left hands, while those who are left-handed should wear them on their right wrists.

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