Classic Polo Shirts

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When choosing classic polo shirts to complete your look, you can be sure that your outfit always looks impeccable and on-trend. Polo shirts and classic tee shirts are staples of every man’s wardrobe. You can pair them with suits, jeans or trousers, wear them on a date or even to the office, but there are mistakes in wearing classic t-shirt designs that men should definitely avoid.

A polo shirt is comfortable and stylish as long as you wear it smartly. Ideally, the classic polo shirts sleeves should sit in the middle of the biceps, showing that your muscles are well defined. You should be able to fit a finger between the sleeve of the shirt and your arm – more than that is too big and less might be too small. A polo shirt always looks better when it’s tighter. You can wear a boxy cut, but avoid going for oversized or baggy trousers.

The wrong color of your classic t-shirt can make you look pale and old-fashioned. Classic shades are highly recommended if you are aiming for a more formal look.

When shopping for classic polo online, you should also choose a good material. A very thick fabric can look like a pizza delivery boy’s uniform, while lighter fabrics with a lower weave will look more elegant and flattering—mainly because they allow the shirt to conform to the body.

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