Kalybre YouTube Channel

Hello hello and greetings from Kalybre!

Finally we are back to our blog and we are planning to revive it and keep it rolling. Keep watching us. Under today’s subject we are inviting you to visit our newly launched YouTube channel which yet has just a few videos but we are planning  to grow it as we grow. Only six videos as of today, all of them are of 2017 which has been a great year for us but also a big learning year, such a busy one. And fun of course. Please do not be lazy and give our videos some LIKES and subscribe to our Channel.


All videos are very short but they are bringing great memories of the people we work together and show that we are having so much fun within Kalybre. Keep watching us, keep telling us what we do wrong and what we do right and thank you for your support.

Kalybre crew

Dubai, UAE


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