How To Fold Shirts Without Wrinkles: 6 tips for any cases

Online clothing shopping sometimes seems to be really tough even when you just want to find a new t-shirt — a great deal of tabs, tips, models… We’ve decided to make things easier.

Here you can find a simple and clear guide which will help you to make a stylish look for various occasions: business meeting, family and friends gathering or evening walking.

Today we will tell you how you can make various outfits for any occasion using different t-shirts. You’ll know how to wear them solo and as an under layer and look stylish and confident. This guide will also help you to avoid mistakes cooperating tees with pants and accessories. No wasting time and nerves anymore.

What T-Shirts are essential for men’s wardrobe

T-shirt is great foundation to make look stylish. But sometimes it’s not enough just to put on a tee and a pair of favorite blue jeans, you need to understand which pants and t-shirt model will be suitable for a concrete event.

Our recommendation is to have at least three different types of tees in your wardrobe. White and black or navy ones are great for a capsule which really saves your time when you are in a hurry. A nice polo tee is one that is timeless and suits both for sport and official engagement. And of course don’t forget about sport — in this case pay attention to breathable golf polo shirts and tees made of synthetic textiles.

What fabric is better

It is really significant to choose the right fabric. Cheap and thin one will make your outfit unpresentable because it simply won’t sit well. Besides, such clothes are not durable as dyes are easily washed out and your bright t-shirt fades at once.

Kalybre collections are all about COLORS and FABRIC so there’s no doubt if the tee will be wearable for a long time.


This is a natural material. Cotton clothing is environmentally friendly, it doesn’t cause allergies. Cotton T-shirts are nice to the feel. They don’t retain air and absorb moisture well, making them comfortable to wear in the heat. Cotton t-shirts can be easily washed and ironed without any problems.


As well as cotton such fabric’s eco-friendly and good for a scorching hot day. At the same time there are serious drawbacks. Tees made of line tend to wrinkle and it is difficult to iron them and frequent washing may spoil the clothes.


Polyester clothes are worthy to pay attention to if you’re sports lover. Synthetic fiber’s breathable and dries faster which is essential while hard training. Material holds its shape so you cannot be afraid of wrinkles and washing tee.

How to style plain tees

Let’s start with the most simple tee — plain t-shirt which can be foundation for majority of outfits.


If you are looking for some casual look you can wear everyday choose neutral hue t-shirts. Colors could be white, grey, black or navy. These colors are easy to cooperate in almost any outfits and could be worn year round. Here you can find some examples of good looks. Choose those which fit your style, character and need.

Smart and casual

Dark jeans and bomber jacket deserve your attention just as UAE black t-shirt. Add white sneakers or boots if you want to look more elegant.
Change bomber jacket to denim in case you don’t like first variant.

Add some fashion

Tuck tee in a pair of tapered smart trousers and add shoes or sneakers to make outfit more relaxed. Our recommendation is also to try an oversized suit and jewelry.

How to wear oversized shirt

The easiest and fastest way

Our first recommendation’s to wear oversized tee untucked with some relaxed jeans and sneakers — nice casual streetwear outfit. When it’s cool outside add a hoodie and comfortable everyday look is ready.

Pay attention on kalybre limited edition colors.


The second way to wear an oversized shirt is pairing it with high-waisted trousers and boots. Don’t forget dark jacket.

This variant is a great option when you want to look quite modest and elegant and while going out or meeting with your family and friends.

When it’s hot

And last but not the least — shorts are a great option for the hot weather. Pay attention to both linen and cotton ones. Keep it simple with a nice pair of breathable sneakers. If you want to stand out and make the outfit quite remarkable put on Olive or Ashe Grey t-shirts with loose leather shorts.

Finish with a baseball cap and minimalistic men’s accessories like a leather bracelet or simple ring.

Polo shirts for men — is it a good idea?

It really is! It can be called the best t-shirts for men. Both for the office and chilling by the sea, it depends on how you style a men’s polo shirt. Next part of the guide will tell you how to make reserved and stylish or relaxed and casual look using kalybre premium T-shirt.

Casual and vibey

Regular jeans are a good match a polo shirt could be worn with. Neutral colors t-shirts, prints, stripes — all these options are suitable.

Pair white jeans and untucked bright color polo shirt, add high-top sneakers — and you definitely will stand out. Or you can put on black t-shirt instead of bright one, for example it will be a perfect match too. 

Chinos are good option too, the material is good for hot days. Slim fitting, neither skinny nor baggy, chinos are suitable if you desire to look smart and confident. 

If you are looking for more reserved style, use pastel and basic colors and play around with suit and white sneakers.

For chilling by the sea

Our cotton polo t-shirts are breathable and soft to touch so they are a good choice for the beach. Linen shorts and bright tee are great combination to enjoy the sun and the sea. Our personal recommendation is beige shorts paired with Dubai Green & Blue Polo shirt from our new the Tastes of DUBAI collection.

For yachting, working out and other activities

If you plan to go on a yacht or spend time outside the city, picnic, golf, and so on, then choose comfortable Golf Polo Shirt and trousers made of light fabric. Finish with sneakers and you are ready both to work out and move mountains.


They are essential if you want your style to reflect your character. Bracelet will draw attention to strong hands while watch and leather belt will enhance official outfit. 

Don’t forget about sunglasses and baseball caps — they both protect you from the sun and accentuate.


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