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Tips to define your fashion style: How much attention do you like?

To some, it just happens to come naturally, to others it’s about as big a mystery as the Bermuda Triangle: How do you figure out if a style suits you?

At the Kalybre headquarters, we try to create collections that fit many body types and styles – and in the discussion, we realized that not only our opinions, but also our involvement with fashion differed massively (ranging from “GQ monthly subscription” to “appears to be living under rock”). Surely, a little help can’t hurt.

So welcome to this new series we want to kick off:

Tips to help you define your fashion style

There are the more and the less adventurous, which is totally cool. I am not going to ask you to read all that just to conclude that you should be wearing skirts. So let’s kick off our series with an easy question:

How much of an attention-seeker are you?

This might depend entirely who you are surrounded with, I am assuming if your audience is a large group of Victoria’s Secret models, a little more attention is just fine. But let’s assume it’s your standard day, meeting the guys for a shisha or casual dinner.

Tips to define your fashion style

No attention = no stress.

If you’re the quiet one in your group of friends, shouty clothes might already not be your cup of tea. Go with a great, classic cut, and look for details on the sleeves or the hem. A simple, clean design could be just right for you. Also, color wise, simple doesn’t mean boring: Grey, white, navy blues, charcoal and black look epic when combined well. Throw in a nice pair of loafers or sneakers, and ready is the perfect Saturday night look.

Tips to define your fashion style

Lots of attention = lots of instagram followers

For something a little more daring on the attention spectrum, stick with an accent color: Bold red, some gold, electric blues, but please, for the love of fashion – just one at a time! (Unless you’re going back to the 90s in a time machine and your name is the Prince of Bel Air). This look is great when your whole outfit is sorta simple, and then you have that one item that really speaks for itself.

Tips to define your fashion style

Attention yes, but only when it matters

All those of your right inbetween… how about a little bit of peacocking? What is that you ask? It’s when you wear one item that makes you stand out completely from the crowd you’re in – usually a scarf or a special accessory. Just don’t go full Alan (The Hangover). Oh, and make sure that the item you choose reflects your personality. If you’ve never worn scarves and honestly just feel somewhere between oxygen-deprived and claustrophobic, leave the scarf to mum and get yourself a nice belt, bag, hat or this little jewel of a baseball cap.

Concluding words of wisdom

So you see, with little effort, you can create a truly great look that let’s you stand out, whatever you’re personally comfortable with. And this is really the key idea – comfort. Cause you’re supposed to enjoy fashion. Suggested styles:

Simple but classy black Polo shirt – AED 125

Hello head-turner! Kalybre Red Basecap – AED 85

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